Florida Structural Engineers Association


www.aci-int.org – American Concrete Institute

www.icri.org – International Concrete Repair Institute 

www.nrmca.org - National Ready Mix Concrete Association

www.cement.org – The Portland Cement Association

www.pci.org – Precast-Prestressed Concrete Institute

www.post-tensioning.org – Post Tensioning Institute

www.tilt-up.org – Tilt-Up Concrete Association 


ww.aisc.org – American Institute of Steel Construction 

www.steel.org – American Iron and Steel Institute 

www.aws.org – American Welding Society 

www.cfsei.org – Cold formed Steel Engineers Institute

www.crsi.org – Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

www.sdi.org – Steel Deck Institute 

www.steeljoist.org – Steel Joist Institute

www.ssma.com – Steel Stud Manufacturer’s Association 


www.bia.org – Brick Industry Association 

www.ncma.org – National Concrete Masonry Association

www.masonrysociety.org – The Masonry Society


www.aitc-glulam.org – American Institute of Timber Construction 

www.awc.org – American Wood Council

www.apawood.org – The Engineered Wood Association

www.tpinst.org – Truss Plate Institute 

www.sbcindustry.com – WTC representing the structural building components industry (wood truss industry)


www.astm.org – American Society for Testing and Materials 

www.nspe.org – National Society of Professional Engineers

www.ncsea.com – National Council of Structural Engineers Associations

www.acec.org/coalitions/CASE/index.cfm - American Council of Engineering Companies – CASE Council of American Structural Engineers 

www.atcouncil.org – Applied Technology Council

www.asce.org/asce.cfm - American Society of Civil Engineers 

content.seinstitute.org/ - Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE 

www.structuremag.org – Structure Magazine of NCSEA, CASE and SEI 

www.ncees.org – National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying 

www.engineeringdegree.com - OnLine Engineering DegreeProgam

Government Links
www.nist.gov – National Institute of Standards and Technology 

www.fbpe.org – Florida Board of Professional Engineers 

www.iccsafe.org – International Code Council
Questions and Comments Please contact Ana Carreño at (407)347-4962 Email:  fseadirector@flsea.com


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