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Structural Engineers Licensing Fund - Donate Here - A Practice Act for Structural Engineering

A Practice Act for Structural Engineering in Florida

FSEA has begun the process of amending Ch. 471 of the Florida Statutes and is committed to facilitating the legislation of a Practice Act for Structural Engineering.  Amended legislation has been prepared and will be submitted to the Florida State Legislature during the 2013 legislative session to establish separate licensing of structural engineers.  However, we have discovered in the past two years that it is difficult to get legislation passed without money.  Suggesting a statute revision to your local legislator simply isn’t enough anymore.  Therefore, FSEA has created a Political Action Committee (PAC) to engage in the political process and advocate for the separate licensing of structural engineers.

Now we need your support.  Changing state statutes is a major investment in time and money.  We have set a target goal of $80,000 for our PAC.  We are asking for a contribution of $100.00, or as much as your means will allow, from you or your company, in order to meet these goals and hope that we can count on your support.  Please be as generous as you can.


Thank you!

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