Florida Structural Engineers Association

Fall 2015

Florida is not a Structural Engineering Licensure (SE) State.  Please see the information below.  FSEA will go forward again in 2019 to become a SE License state.

It appears that SE Licensure has reached a stopping point in Florida.  Many of our members reacted unfavorably to the Governor's request that the following language be added to the bill:

"If a significant collapse, as defined by the board, occurs to a Florida Threshold Building and the board determines that the significant collapse was due to the negligence of the structural engineer of record licensed under paragraph (b), the Florida Engineering Management Corporation shall then require that such licensed structural engineers re-quality for licensure under paragraph (a) within five years after the date the board determined the significant collapse was due to the negligence of the structural engineer of record."

As a result, we will pull this legislation.  We will continue to work with the Governor's staff to remind them that Florida has enacted laws in the past containing a grandfather clause that that the last three states to enact this type of legislation all had grandfather clauses.  This information has already been sent to his office.

I will continue to keep membership posted on progress.

Thomas A . Grogan, Jr.

SE Licensure  Committee Chair

June 2015

We are all disappointed that Governor Scott vetoed the SE Licensure Bill after it was overwhelmingly passed by both chambers of the legislature.  However, FSEA remains committed to this cause, and we will continue to pursue SE Licensure in Florida. In the upcoming months, we plan to meet with the Governor to better understand his position and to help him better understand the need for SE Licensure and an appropriate grandfathering clause.  Thank you all for your continued support.

Link to the Structural Engineers Licensing Booklet:


NCSEA Letter of Support:

NCSEA SE Support Letter 020615.pdf

Questions and Comments Please contact Ana CarreƱo at (407)347-4962 Email:  fseadirector@flsea.com


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