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The following recent project awards:

Curtiss Mansion Historical Restoration & Adaptive Reuse project (with architect R. J. Heisenbottle Architects).

This project received AIA Miami's 2015 People's Choice Award.

Douglas Wood Associates provided the complete structural engineering services for this historical mansion.  The building had suffered a devastating fire.  The initial phase, therefore, was to stabilize all salvageable elements and to remove unsalvageable materials.  The second phase consisted of a complete reconstruction of the interior of the building, reinforcing of the exterior masonry walls with a new concrete wall, restoration of the adobe-style masonry and of other preserved and salvaged materials.  The building was brought into compliance with current Building Code requirements and was adapted for reuse as a community center, an after-school program and for an archive of historical documents and objects.

Doral Park Pavilion "Micco"

 Douglas Wood Associates provided the complete structural engineering services to create a sculptural pavilion for Doral City Park, as envisioned by well-known artist, Michelle Oka Doner. On the western outskirts of suburban Miami, 120 acres of the recently incorporated City of Doral are being transformed into a sophisticated urban core, the focus of which is Doral Park and its pavilion. Developers and City officials wanted a shade pavilion and band shell, but they also wanted a landmark for the new city. To accomplish this, they commissioned internationally-renowned artist Michele Oka Doner, who envisioned the structure as a "feral" gateway to the adjacent Everglades wilderness. The pavilion, inspired by nature, was delivered by technology. Found objects in nature were digitally scanned in 3D. In collaboration with the engineer and contractor, electronic models were manipulated by the artist and landscape architect to create conceptual designs. Scale models were created using 3D printers. The team determined that the large, intricately shaped object could best be constructed in cast concrete, using forms of expanded polystyrene, sculpted by robotic routers, guided by the 3D computer model. The engineer used the same model for the conceptual structural design, which was then analyzed using sophisticated finite-element software. The structure is reinforced concrete, strengthened by structural steel spines. Within the 3D model, the engineer kinked, bent and skewed the spines to fit the object. The spines were reinforced and stiffened to withstand hurricane winds. For durability, reinforcing bars and spines were hot-dipped galvanized. The completed pavilion spans 50 feet and extends to a height of 25 feet.

First Place Award - Concrete Artistry from the Decorative Concrete Council of the Amercia Society of Concrete Contractors.

Second Place Award - Decorative Concrete Category of the 2015 American Concrete Institute (ACI) Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards.

Congratulations to the team! This awards program solicits submissions from ACI Chapter the world over.  Douglas Wood personally accepted the award in Denver.

The following link is a short video on Youtube:


Team includes Codina Partners, Michele Oka Doner, Advanced Structural Concepts and Local Office Landscape Architecture.

Questions and Comments Please contact Ana CarreƱo at (407)347-4962 Email:  fseadirector@flsea.com


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